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Radar, Dog Detective

My name is Radar, and no bones about it, I 'm the best detective in Kenneltown.  So, I'm the only detective in Kennneltown.  That's ok.  I got it covered.  If you have a mystery that needs solving, you've come to the right place.  I will not give up until the matter is resolved.  If you want to check my experience to make sure I'm the right pup for the job, just check out About Me

My cases are know town wide.  I've gotten some good press for my success.  I even have this odd hairless monkey writing about my adventures.  He has been following my stories and has even helped capture my likeness. Find out more about that monkey

My most recent case has been well documented in "The Scent of a Feline".  You can purchase online comics at or real signed issues from our store.